Hello there. I’m a new Linux user. After watching and reading about diff distros…and installing testing least 10 different. seam like the KDE is mine style. AND be honest netrunner look like the winner !!
exept 1 issue is REALLY bother me it is a 1st Linux install distro not recognized mine allready installed WiN 7 all other had option like side by side install and such but not netrunner :=( Have tested on live usb and it is great but don’t dare to install so to afraid destroy win 7 install !!
Anyone can give a hand >)

Hi Istvan,

if you click on the “Install Netrunner 12.12” icon in LIVE USB, it starts the Setup (you can still cancel at this point if you don’t like to install).

Look for point 6. Disk Setup in this Tutorial:

There you have the option A (first option) to install with “Resize”, which leaves Windows 7 unaffected.

If you do not want to install Netrunner at this point, just click “Quit” and it returns to LIVE mode without any damage done.

There is the problem. i only can se 2 option there…the side buy side is missing…!!! 1st option use the whole disk…2 option manual…nothing about the side buy side one…and that the on eim missing…
it is that one im used before on other distros…that was strange im not seen it there…so maybe it is wrong mine copy ? Have only 1 ssd disk

Can you start from live mode “Menu - System - KDE Partition Manager”, select your harddrive and report back or post screenshot?

oket it is getting interesting im started the live cd when im oppen the partition manager KDE control module get the following info
dev/sda Unnalocated Unknown
USB Vfat 3.7 — mine usb memry
When im se true the Konqueror My computer is all okay
Disk information
System reserve 100 mb
dev/sda2 ntfs 117 Gb
Irofs Squasfs 1.4

It vas a new windows install Only thing in did used a free partition manager to resiz the partition wanted to experiment doing mine own way then resized back…Im used this tool several times in the past and evenhanded any problem…the tools name is …
even downloaded EsyBcd to rewrite the win7 mbr…thta program used many times before too…
Can be mine ssd totally screwed upp whit the new install? Im moved that disk fron min Desktop and it is 1 years old whit perfect comdition . i can re install win 7 np it is fresh nothing lose so far.

Ops almost forgot the disk used once before win7 install to backup a mac to external drive but im reformatted that cod not left anything well ?
And btw just asking,Is netrunner gonna be upgrade friendly when new linux kernel coming and the new version of kde is out ?
heard nice thing about those .support for external things im already have…Prefer to not re install all whit a new kernel .

Many thx for all the help guys !

Hello Istvan, I’m looking at this for Kubuntu

In KDE Partition Manager what is the Size and what is the Used size of the NTFS partition?

Could you attach a screenshot of the Disk Setup page of the installer?

Could you paste the output of running os-prober from a konsole command line?

Hello Istvan, after some further discussion I think this is a usability issue rather than a technical one.

Your installer should look something like this
The “resize” option there will do the right thing and resize your Windows partition to make room for Linux.
The problem is just that it does not show a label of “Windows” which is unclear but it will still work.
I’ve added a TODO item to improve this missing label in future versions.

Hello there sadly i not Linux pro so i have no clue how to do the task you asking me. no ide how to take a screenshot and save it from mine installer. but here comes more info whats happening. In try to instal both mine laptop and desktop.and like the picture says the re size option the 1st one is missing,bot computer have SSD disk .on the desktop im even Raid0 on the 2 ssd. Installed same win7 on both computer which is windows setup ems enabled version .Here come the strange thingy :=) im tried the install procedure whit the zorin 6 core free oone just to se what happening… On the laptop 1 ssd is hade np at all Got all the options like im should and you posted in the link picture,
on the laptop is saw 2 ssd was raided but not give me a side buy side option only the whole or … manual…but least is recognized the partitions… Im really dont wanna use zorin 6 :=) think netrunner so much better . so what i can do now ? try install a bootloder… partition SSD before win 7 install ?

if you have laptop and desctop then take your hard drive from your laptop put to desctop and then open with windows partition manager and make screenshot about your hard drives from windows
or you can try to make screenshot from “live netrunner” with button: “Print Screen” i think it works on live.
it’s really nice distro will be very sad if you giveup just because of that…