Installation of .deb

Hello All

I want to give the rolling release ago for a while. I have a few programs that are .deb installers.

What would I need to do to be able to double click on the Debian file to install it, if it is possible.



While there is always a way to use deb or rpm packages on other distribution than they were intended, you typically don’t want to do that. These applications would have been compiled against the libraries and/or versions of libraries available in the distribution they were built for and may or may not work when installed in an alien environment. Deb files are used for debain/ubuntu based distributions like our standard (Kubuntu) edition. For our rolling (Manjaro/Arch) edition these applications (packages) should already be available in the repositories or via the AUR. If you list them here, I’ll help you find what you need to do to install them under Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro/Arch).

The AUR ??? Sorry I am new to Linux and even never to Majero.

The main program for me is auto-mount

I love the part in the rolling for the KERNAL managment.


AUR = Arch User Repository

This is a repository of pkgbuild files for building or installing software not available in the Arch Main repositories.
Netrunner Rolling is basically a spin of Manjaro which is compatible with most of the AUR, there are only a few exceptions.

Do you have a link for auto-mount?

Keep in mind that in Plasma 5.5, which is currently scheduled for release in December, the Solid Device Auto Mounter will return.

I will have a look for the link again for you…

The Solid Auto Mounter will that be a setting/program or will it just run automaticallt with no user input

It’s the auto mounter that was in KDE SC 4 under system settings for removable media. This might not be what your looking for.

Note: pysdm used to be in the AUR, but was removed because it hadn’t been updated in quite some time, nor did it have a maintainer any longer (orphaned).

So it should install then. Just for trying and experiment how would I go about installing the .deb files if I wanted. I hope you do not mind me asking.

You really shouldn’t, this depends an older libs, etc.

Your best bet would be installing this from source code.

You could also download the pkgbuild and install files from the AUR3 archive here:
You would then use makepkg inside the directory to build this and pacman -U {path to package} to install it.