Installed LibreOffice no Writer

But Menu is not showing Writer so am confused

Any insights to my predicament is appreciated. As am confused between fresh and still. As still seems older version. But shouldn’t newer version also have writer. Getting confused by the long list returned in Octopi on LiberOffice.


all the libreOffice applications are in that one package so It’s installed, however you may need to refresh your menu.
Just to be sure press alt-F2 and type “writer” into krunner.

Yep it’s there and loads. Just trying to figure out why it’s not in the menu with other office apps?

Modifications to the Plasma menu system doesn’t always take at first.
To fix this you can either log out and back in or, Right click on the menu icon and select Edit Applications, once it opens just click Save and Exit…

Yep rebooting didn’t help had to manually select the icon and enter into the command field “libreoffice --writer %U”.
Just looked at the other entries to gleam the info. Now seems to work.

But am of the type wanting to know the why will itch at me while I get ready to watch
“The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies”.

Always wanting to know the Why’s which drives me and family,friends crazy sometimes! :smiley:

I’m not sure, either the package has an issue or it was just a fluke. I’ll upgrade to fresh and take look.
Well, I just removed still and installed fresh, its entry did show back up in my menu so it must have just been a fluke.