Installing abs

I wanted to install tar files but it says I need this abs, I can’t see it in var directory. Can’t even install it
“sudo pacman -S abs” produces this error “error: target not found: abs”

Thank you in advance.

The ABS (arch build system) isn’t available from Manjaro as it is not 100% compatible with Arch, but does maintain compatability with the AUR. Almost all applications you’ll ever need are either in the repository or available from the AUR, just search for the application your looking for with octopi or from the terminal with yaourt -Ss .

I want to install Groovy/Grails tool suite. Is there a way to install the tar files? I’m new to Arch linux. I keep on searching the internet but I can’t apply it to netrunner rolling.
abs and ./configure and “makepkg -s” produces “error: PKGBUILD does not exist”

Yes, there are always ways to build software on any operating system, especially if you know what your doing. However, there is no need in this case as both Groovy 2.3.1-1 & Grails 2.4.0-1 are in the community repository, to install just open octopi (add remove software) and search for grails, select it by right clicking and select install (a popup will allow you to select groovy as well) then click apply.

Optionally to install from the terminal you can type:
sudo pacman -S groovy grails

If you also want to install their documents packages as well type:
sudo pacman -S groovy-docs grails-docs.

PS. You might want to install eclipse as well:
sudo pacman -S eclipse eclipse-ecj eclipse-cdt

It turns out there’s an executable installer for GGTS. Still thank you for the reply.