Installing digiKam

After selecting digikam in Octopi, it’s asking me if I also want to install kipi-plugins and kdebase-workspace. I’m OK with kipi-plugins but I’m hesitating on kdebase-workspace. Why would I want/need to install kdebase-workspace?

Those are optional dependency, they are not required for Digikam to run.
You can safely unselect them and continue on with the install. However, kipi-plugins may be useful to you.

NOTE: What ever you do, don’t install kdebase-workspace.

Yes, I’ve taken your advice about NOT installing kdebase-workspace. In fact, that was why I was asking as I’ve never seen that as an optional dep before.

Well, officially digikam has not been ported to frameworks 5. However, since it works just a good with plasma-workspace as it does kdebase-workspace, my guess would be rather than limiting it to installing under KDE SC 4, the package maintainer just moved the dependency to optional.