installing from usb - fail

When installing from USB off live cd desktop i reboot as requested but my bios says no os installed, and there is no option for netrunner, ive tried this twice now…

iso was created on untbootin… live cd works great, but again when installing from desktop it goes through the whole setup process i.e select time zone, keyboard layout, etc… it completes fine and says reboot now to finish or continue using live cd.

I reboot and i get no OS…i tried turning off some intel startup feature in bios but still no OS.

Do you have a UEFI capable computer / mainboard or a classical one with a BIOS ?
Did you choose the bootloader target manually ? (If not please try to set it to the harddrives MBR).
Make also sure that the partition were the bootloader (GRUB) will be installed to is marked as bootable.

will try thanks!