Installing from USB v14


Had an interesting one here. I dowloaded the final version 14 ISO. And then use imagewriter to make a bootable USB.

I thern put it in the laptop i had trouble with. It cae up with this error below at bootup. I also tried it on my main laptop an got same issue:

SYSLINUX 4.07 EDD 2013-07-25 Copyright © 1994-2013 H. Peter Anvin at al
NO default or UI configuration directive found !



Hi Mark,
can you install package “usb-creator-kde” or “usb-creator-gtk” and try make USB with that?

Ok I will give that a go
Hello, just did it with GTK and it works.

Might be worth putting this up as a note somewhere so other people know. thank you again for the best support !!!