Installing Intel Driver Manager and KinfoCenter[solved]

Hi to all.

I’m an happy Netrunner user 13.06 because everything worked fine when I do the installation.

But (there is always a but…) i can’t install the package “Intel driver Manager” :huh: to update my Intel drivers. The message is…“Distribution not supported”. Can you give help on this?

Also, I have all my system information in “My Computer” but… if this is a KDE base distribution shouldn’t KinfoCenter work? :huh: The only information that I retrive from my system, when using KinfoCenter, is the “summary”…al the rest…don’t work.

Again can you help on this?


Paulo :cool:

Basically this instruction applies also for Netrunner.
Just replace the version number with 13.04 (as Netrunner is based on this)

I think this is a bug in kinfocenter as it reads the double or singleclick settings for filemanager icons. As Netrunner uses doubleclick as default you also need to double click on the entries in kinfocenter.

Txs leszek, for your help. Both your answers are correct.

Now, Netrunner is running… :angel: …you can mark this solved.