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Installing Netrunner 19.01 Desktop onto an SSD with an RTX 2080?


How would this be done? Whenever I try booting into the installer via USB this is as far as I get:

I tried adding “vga=normal nomodeset” to the end of the linux line by pressing E to get to the advanced options in the screen before that one, but it still ended up not booting the desktop.


What happens if you type in startx in that commandline prompt?
I assume you graphicscard might be not supported


With or without “vga=normal nomodeset” I get this after trying startx:

Also yes, I’m pretty sure my card isn’t supported by the nouveau drivers. Least not until Linux 5.0. (from what I’ve read)


Would it be easier to maybe clone my current installation and put it on the SSD? Though… minus the extra stuff I have? Target is a 256GB SSD and the HDD with Netrunner on it currently is 500GB with 404.51GB used. Is there a cloning program that can choose what to transfer and what not to? I was going to use the 500GB for everything extra like game installs and whatnot.


Not sure how this would help. The issue is that you need a newer Kernel that we do not provide as live media. If you manage somehow to start the graphical user interface by forcing vesa mode (which should work on every card in theory) you could install the system and install a newer kernel later on or even try installing the proprietary nvidia driver and see if it helps.

It is a bit complicated to clone your installed system. It could work via dd’ing the whole system but that usually needs the same size of target hard drive.


I was contemplating replacing the (spinning) HDD with a SSD.

The system requirements don’t mention anything specific.

In order avoiding technical challenges, are there any particular requirements for installing Netrunner to a SSD?


No there is nothing particular to think about when installing on a SSD


Good to know, thanks.