Installing QSTK in manjaro


Have any of you installed QSTK in manjaro? I tried installing the arch package from AUR but it doesn’t work, I get some errors related to python, even when I have it all updated.


yaourt -S python2-qstk

it will also pull / build & install all dependencies as well, just make sure you pay attention and hit no for edit, and yes for install on all packages

What AjSlye said is the better option, however, you should know this:

Python 2 stuff is run with python2 not python (which is for Python 3) on Arch. That is probably why it bugged out

If i try to install it through yaourt i get this error: error:

Namespace package problem: QSTK is a namespace package, but its does not call declare_namespace()! Please fix it.
(See the setuptools manual under “Namespace Packages” for details.)

probably connected to this python2/3 thing… any ideas?

You typed python3 this is a python2 script.
try sudo python2 install
but first you will need these dependencies installed:


I’m trying the AUR build right now…

PS. Your right there is an issue with namespace in the file that python2 can’t get past, I don’t know enough about python to help…

Sorry brother…

Will try to get some help in stackoverflow, thanks anyway!
I kind of “fixed” it. I added the line “declare_namespace()!” on top of the file under /QSTK and the installation went fine. Then when trying to run the examples I got the following error:

File “/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/QSTK-0.2.7-py2.7.egg/QSTK/”, line 1

So I went to that file and erased the first line (declare_namespace()!) and now everything works ok. I have just ran a couple of tutorials and they go fine, but not sure if all the modules were properly installed…

Such a weird hack :confused:

I think that this is just python bug, The files don’t need namespace to run, but python wants them to install…