installing vmWare

Hello Im newbie at linux

I cant run vmWare linux I see message about some missing kernel headers…

Help me how to install them or how to uninstall vmware

Depending on the kernel series you’re running you’ll need to install the kernel modules for VMware tools package:

I did but still I saw this dialogue box

There are a couple of reasons for that error.

One: you will need to update you system first, the latest kernel version for the 3.14 series is 3.14.20 and so is the header package for that series as well.

sudo pacman -Syu

Two: If the header files are still needed after the update for vmware to run then you’ll need to install the header package for the 3.14 kernel series as well.

sudo pacman -S linux314-headers

For your kernel the only one needed is linux314-open-vm-tools-modules:

sudo pacman -S linux314-open-vm-tools-modules

Note: If you installed more than just the 3.14 kernel series version of the open vmware tools modules then you’ll need to remove the others.

I dont know but still asking

OK, that was vague.
Did you update your system first or not?
And after the update did you reboot?

If you don’t update your system first and reboot than yes it will still be giving you the same error, this is because both the inux314-open-vm-tools-modules and linux314-headers packages will not match your installed kernel.