Is it safe yaWP weather applet for Plasma 5

Is it safe yaWP weather applet for Plasma 5?

As shows 2 versions 450-1 and 0.4.5-3 in the Aur. Don’t know which one is the newest? or most compatible? But when I try to install get conflicts and don’t know if save to remove

Continue building kdeplasma-applets-yawp ? [Y/n]

Building and installing package
Install or build missing dependencies for kdeplasma-applets-yawp: 
[sudo] password for orbmiser:  
resolving dependencies... 
looking for conflictingpackages
kdebase-workspace and kdeplasma-addons are in conflict. Remove kdeplasma-addons? [y/N] 

As haven’t a clue if it safe to remove kdeplasma-addons?

No yawp has not been ported to Plasma 5.

kdebase-workspace = KDE SC 4

plasma-workspace = Plasma 5

kdeplasma-addons = Plasma 5

Ahhh that is sad as have a heatwave going on here over next 7 days with 95-100 F (35-37c) temps. And miss my desktop weather at a glance. Will have to fallback to loading a web page I guess.

Thanks again for the info and hope someone would port over. As don’t like the yahoo one or others. And guess none have been ported yet.


There is a good weather applet for Plasma 5 in the AUR already, I just don’t remember it’s name and I’m not at home right now.

Okey Dokey I take a look in Aur for weather plasmoids then and see what’s there.

There is the plasma5-applets-weather-widget-git in the aur:

Have you tried awesome widgets yet?

1st one gives no info or images how it looks and layout of info given. The saying is true a picture is worth a thousand words.

2nd one don’t see anything resembling weather info but all kinds of system stats stuff.

Searching default repo’s or Aur gives a slew of weather. Just how is a person suppose to know which if any are compatible to plasma 5? As no info is given stating such. In fact that’s my major beef with repo packages. Seems they don’t want to take the time to give things like dates and compatibility info or more detailed info about them.

As don’t want to install a bunch of incompatible packages trying each one to see if they work. Then having to uninstall re-install trying to find something that works.


If the package depends on kdebase-workspace then it is NOT compatible with Plasma 5, otherwise they should be safe to use.
The best way to search the AUR is from the webpage:


I’ve tested two weather applets, both are usable under plasma5, see attached image.

The applet from norway gives much more information than yahoo applet.

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Yep was aware of those two holgerw but not my cup of tea. As yaWP much more tailored to my needs. As set for multiple days wind,humidity,etc at a popup glance and also has radar map which I use for planning my out and about photography.

Of course no biggie just to bookmark local weather and load from there. But always like the mouse over popup at a glance. Sad to see it abandoned like Gmail another one that seems to have fall behind with bugs and no other options for Gmail plasmoid which I find totally confused as so many use Gmail but no plasmoids to choose from.

Yahoo weather widget and weather widget are also available in the official repositories.
I know there not your cup of tea Orbmiser, but at least it’s some progress. :wink:

Yep used yahoo weather before but had a few issues when it was new. The 2nd one a big old line graph isn’t what I consider a daily widget for at a glance present weather conditions.