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Is it staying?

Hi all

I love Netrunner and use the rolling edition but I just wanted to know why development stopped last time and if it will continue this time. I like Manjaro but prefer Netrunner and want to make sure it stays around this time.

dude NRR must be there forever !

Itz the best distro you can flash !

While I can’t elaberate on the reasons development stopped previously, I can say that we have no plans on dropping NRR anytime soon. I’ve just had some unexpected issues due to hurricane Irma that is causing delays on getting some of our packages updated, and getting the next ISO ready. I’m currently in the process of replacing, and reloading the systems that were lost during the storm and should be getting some updates out soon.

maybe the /skel skeletons , say for Dolphin , firefox and the Desktop could be further enhanced as to be minimally “nagging” asf. (remove Mozialla bookmarks etc.).

I’m so glad to hear that - Netrunner Rolling is AMAZING!!