Is Screen Locker & Screensaves gone? in favor of SDDM?

Saw this on a site and was wondering if that is a transitional thing from 4 to 5 and will disappear?

As totally missing from Netrunner. Not a big-E for me as don’t use either.
Was just curious if Plasma will leave out or bring back in at a later time?


I’m not sure what the long term plans are for the screen savers, ATM they are no longer available under Plasma 5.
This is the current screen locker:

Yep saw that and don’t use myself. As my system is me alone in My Dark Cave! :s

So never saw a need beyond turning off the screens if away from my computer more than 30 mins.
To save on screen life and power used.

Well, since I have mostly laptops, this comes in handy. Back in the day screen savers served a function, not allowing text to be burned into the tube, but who has a CRT monitor nowadays. LOL :wink:

A survey of KDE users was run about 2-3 years ago and screensavers lost by a narrow margin. It was enough though there will be no screensaver for Plasma 5.
I will however write up a HOW TO for those interested o how to get one in Netrunner. I’ve tried myself it works!

I’m using a CRT right now. It is all I have for this used PC I picked up. Nec 17" AccuSync 75F. Just saying …

You do know, you could pick up a 17" non-wide screen LCD for pretty cheep nowadays?
Just saying.
I do however concede my previous assumption. :wink: