Issue with Plasma after Update[Resolved]

I´m using 17 and updated today(1/19/16)–after what appeared to to be fairly extensive updated, I rebooted and have this message on my desktop.(see screenshot)
Unsure how to proceed, here.

I subscribe to the issue. A similar problem…
All the icons and folders disappear from the desktop ((.

Yes, Thanks for commenting. I forgot to include this in my original post. All my desktop folders disappeared and things created or saved to ´Desktop´ in Dolphin do not appear on the desktop.

Simila here. Just few minutes ago I did update.
Netrunner starts - I can use console - but Plasma won’t start at all - black screen.
I will take picture and post it here after next reboot.

My desktop icons won’t load and now randomly when I reboot and the desktop loads it will freeze to where I can’t even get into a TTY.

So I did purged than reinstalled netrunner-desktop and netrunner-desktop-containment and it didn’t change anything.
Any help please?

Reinstalling netrunner-desktop-containment should fix the error message received in dbyentzen post.

Your problem seems to be different, could you please create your own thread for your issue.

I’ve got a similar issue described by dbyentzen. After a giant update today, there is now an error on the desktop (see screenshot). Purging netrunner-desktop and netrunner-desktop-containment and then immediately reinstalling them did not fix the issue.

I also noticed that I now have new icons in the system tray. In my opinion, it may have been better to wait for Netrunner 18 for this update, rather then push it to live systems.

Were the updates from the Netrunner or Ubuntu/Kubuntu repositories?

Looked like the vast majority of them for me were from the Kubuntu PPA on Launchpad.

I did some more poking around and it looks like I got updated to Plasma 5.5.3. If I remember correctly Netrunner 17 started on 5.4, so perhaps that’s whats causing the problem.

Yeah update is uploaded and should fix the issue with the netrunner-desktop-containment.

Did you add that PPA yourself?

Anyway, Yes, the eventforge type was dropped in plasma 5.5 and would be what has caused this issue.

It’s the kubuntu backports ppa that updated to plasma 5.5.
We need to push out an update for the netrunner-desktop-containment aswell.
I checked today 5 times if the kubuntu backports ppa was updated but I seem to miss it. Anyhow the netrunner-desktop-containment package was updated a few minutes ago and should fix the issuse

I just updated again and the issue seems to be fixed. Thanks leszek!

I just did the second update and everything in Plasma 5.5.3 is working fine now. Thanks leszek and AJSlye.
Plasma 5.x is looking and performing nicely!

for me things after plasma 5.5.3 ugrade got much worse.

  1. suspend not working. Suspend asks root password (which is absolutely wrong in my opinion). If password given, it suspends. But wakes up in text console and then freezes. Maybe I could blame proprietary NVIDIA drivers, but hey, I didn’t have no suspend problems with plasma 5.4.3.
  2. restart/shutdown just logs out.
  3. no audio (I see only “virtual output” audio device – not sure about device name, because it show in lithuanian “Fiktyvi isvestis”, even if I switch kde language to english).
  4. sometimes get empty spaces in system tray.

Please create new thread for those issues.