Issue with upgrading graphic card


I upgraded my gpu from a Nvidia card (GeForce 8600GT) to AMD HD R7770 and when I boot in to GRUB and select Netrunner (i.e. with multi boot system) the system just hangs and give me an error message.
What’s the best way to replace or update my video card driver? How would I update the driver via LiveCD (i.e. if this is the only option)?

Thanks for your help!

Of course the best would be before replacing the card to uninstall any proprietary drivers that are on the system.
What is the error you get?

When using proprietary driver you should always remove then prior to changing cards.

The simplest way would be to put old card put it back in and use mhwd to switch back to the free drivers from the proprietary driver, then shut down and change the card.

Other wise you’ll need to select from the grub menu boot failsafe mode, then log is and remove the nvidia drivers using mhwd

Either way in your case the command would be:

sudo mhwd -r pci video-nvidia



Now, if you cant get in using the failsafe mode then you’ll need to chroot in, you can use this guide but insteqad of fixing grub you’ll be running the command given above:

I’m not at my machine right now so i can’t tell you the error message…i’d have to do it later tonight.

I did not install a (nonfree) proprietary driver for my old Nvidia card…I believe it’s a “free” driver that was installed by Netrunner during installation. That said, would I still need to remove the free driver? Or could i use this command to detect/install the new AMD (free) driver? sudo mhwd -a pci free 0300

Also, would you suggest installing a proprietary driver vs the free driver?

Thanks very much for your help!

This depends on what your doing with your system, if your a gamer and need great performance in steam and/or native games then use the non-free for now, however If your NOT a gamer then use the free drivers, they are feature complete compared to the non-free drivers from AMD and the performance is almost on par with them as well.

When you do get home later tonight please do post the error your getting first before doing anything else, this may be a different issue entirely, especially if your running more than one Linux distribution on your system.

Attached is a photo of the error (sorry it’s blurry, i couldn’t take a print/screenshot).
My multi-boot setup is Windows, Netrunner, and Linux Mint on each separate hdd and Grub is in its root () for Netrunner and Linux Mint. I used EasyBCD as the bootloader with 2 entries (Windows and Grub-Netrunner). I’m able to get into Windows and Linux Mint (no issues detecting the new card) but when i select Netrunner i’d receive the error.


I appreciate the help.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but those errors indicate an ATA / Hard drive reset has occurred.
Many things can cause this behavior, bad sata controller, bad hard drive, bad cables, cables not seated properly, etc.

It’s installed on an old IDE (ATA100/133) hard drive that is attached to a PCI IDE controller adapter card. I only have 1 IDE slot in my MB so i use the IDE controller card to hook up this old HDD. I don’t understand why it would be a hdd issue since Netrunner was working fine before the GPU upgrade.

It could just be an IRQ or DMA conflict between the IDE controller and the new ATI graphics card causing the drive to reset.

If you put back in the old card and Netrunner Rolling boot’s right up then I would have to say that something is wonky between the new card and your motherboards IDE controller.

Ok, i’ll try to play around with it…Thanks for all the help!