JacknJoe don't Works

Hello, I installed netrunner on my computer, but when I want to use to install a program with JacknJoe I press the Install button and always tells me that does not find the package and so it is with any program you want to install, any idea why it can be?

Install apturl and apturl-common from synaptic package manager under system in menu it will work after this.

Good day

Thanks for responding, but not this worked. In the synaptic apturl already installed and apturl-common, but still did not work JacknJoe, and to test then I uninstall these packages to reinstall them later, but I was surprised that these packages are not now in synaptic. How do I reinstall them and serve the JacknJoe to install more software? What repositories must be enabled in linux Netrunner? Thanks in advance.

All I did was uninstall and then reinstall the apturl packages in synaptic = apturl and apturl-common and then it started working again. :-/

That’s strange, not Synaptic to install packages appear again, not if it is because missing a special repository are these packages, but I give reload menu and nothing, not load these packages. Also I can not update the system, similar to what is in http://forums.netrunner-os.com/showthread.php?tid=912.

Solved … I had to reinstall netrunner, I’m using the 64-bit version only reinstall it and you’re fine.