Jpilot hotsync

  1. Using SE version of netrunner
  2. pclinuxos-lxde-2013.07.iso
  3. 1.8.0-1pclos2010
  4. Palm z22 OS 5.6 =PDA

My problem is that I have been pulling my hair out trying to get jpilot to sync to my PDA. A few years ago I loaded an old version of pclinux on a USB and put the jpilot (item 3.) on it. I was able to sync with hardly any annoyance. All that I had to do was (under File–> preference) change the OS settings in jpilot to OS > 5.2 for calender, memo and contacts. I did nothing else and BINGO, success. OK that was a few years ago. I next installed the latest version of pclos lxde (item 2) on an old machine and installed from synaptic the jpilot available. Again success in making it sync following the above. It turns out that the version of jpilot in both cases was the same (item 3) My petitions are below. I would like to have jpilot on my new machine.

A. Can item 3 above and it’s dependencies be added to the netrunner repository?
B. Can I set something that would prevent any upgrade to jpilot were item 3 to be installed from netrunner on my machine?

Preventing package updates is possible by locking the package version in muon.

As for A so you need now a jpilot version 1.8.0 instead of the 1.8.1 in the repos ?

The one that works for me was listed as


under synaptic in


the above distribution , is the latest lxde from pclos

Since I think that there is some relationship between netrunner and pclos that said version of jpilot might be able to me imported to the repo. It works for me and if it could be imported verbatim with dependencies, I would be a happy camper. I just know that I have tried the present jpilot that exists in netrunner and the present that exists in Mint 13 (my dual boot) . I can get neither to work. The Netrunner and Mint versions are different btw.
“me imported” should read “be imported”

PCLOS unfortunately uses the rpm package format and not deb like Netrunner. So it can’t be imported easily