JRE Problem

I have just installed JDownloader 2 Beta.

The program runs fine from the Icon that was installed along with the installation. But I wanted to intergrate it with flashgot. But went to download a link and the program did not run.

So went to the installation directory, and tried to run the JRE file for it. All the other times it has then run the program. But this time it just loads up the file with ark.

I am not to sure what is happening. New to linux


It seems like the file association is simply wrong. If you right click that file and go to the open with menu entry do you have jre or java runtime in the menu? You can simply choose that to run the application.
To set jre as default you right click on the file goto properties and click the change association button. You can now place the jre on top with the buttons on the right.


I have nothing like that in either ways you described.

I do have java instaled. Should I try a complete uninstalled and re installed. How could I do a complete un install though

Even if you choose open with and choose from the categories there?

you are correct. I twas fine when I did a fresh install about a month ago