Hi guys

I have a few DVDs that I don’t want to get damaged and so I want to rip them to mpg files. The bonus is I can copy them all to my usb drive, plug it in to my DVD player and watch them without needing to swap the discs, lazy I know but good for film marathons. I used to use k9copy but when I recently installed it from octopi (via AUR) I can’t actually rip any discs. The progress window says ripping and then about 3 seconds later it says all titles extracted successfully but the outputted files are empty. Any ideas?

Yea, this is actually a simple one, I use k9copy myself to encode and store all my movies on my plex server.
In order for k9copy to rip store bought DVD’s you’ll need to install libdvdcss:

sudo pacman -S libdvdcss

This is required so that k9copy can decode the movies before it can encode them.

I tried that, still no luck, the exact same result

It was me being thick - I had to deselect some of the other languages and menus in order to rip to an mpg.

Thanks AJSlye, once again, you prove yourself to be both a gentleman and a scholar.

Many thanks :smiley: