KDE 5.2

I am currently running Netrunner 15 which I like a lot, but out of curiosity wondered if a rolling version using KDE 5.2 or 3 might be available soon, or if one could use KDE 5.2 with the rolling release.

Yep waiting myself for actual official ISO’s myself. As then can snapshot my partitions and give it a whirl.
But actually hoping they release the iso based on 5.3 instead of 5.2. As so much more added and fixed.


I personally believe that the KDE Community and it’s developers have done the right thing by untying these projects from one another (KDE SC “Software Compilation”), making each component more modular, and giving each their own release schedule. The Nature of these new release cycles for KDE frameworks, Plasma 5 and KDE Applications make them more compatible with a rolling system.

It is uncertain at the moment what a new NR ISO would be based on, a lot of things going on. However, moving forward I suppose that the ISO would be based on what ever is available at that time.