Kernel panic

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask.

I have installed netrunner last monday. In these 5 days I have here 2 times kernel panic.
The first one is right after installation and the second one happens a few minutes ago.

The computer is going reboot and start again.

Can sometone explain what I can do now.

You could update to this kernel, which is also said to have few to none issues:

cd /tmp wget wget wget sudo dpkg -i *.deb sudo update-grub

I have just update to the new kernel. When I have troubles I post this here again.

Thanks for the answer.

I did a “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” immediately after installation. That installed an updated, and reliable, kernel.

The default kernel used in Ubuntu 13.04 panics on some hardware and does not on other hardware. All Ubuntu derivatives, like Netrunner, that install that kernel have the same issues.

On Ubuntu, running the updates in the Update Manager will also install a new kernel. Not sure if that is the case with Netrunner. Run “uname -r” in a Terminal. If it displays “3.8.0-19” you still have the default kernel.

I have now 3.9.3-030903-generic

I update with synaptic here and have a lot of updates. What is the best way to do updates and have the best kernel and other stuf?

Updates, I believe, should be the same regardless of the tool you use to get them. They all pull from the same repositories.

It’s impossible to say what is the “best” kernel. If a kernel is working reliably with my hardware, I don’t see any reason to change it. Any necessary bug and security fixes will be made available through normal update channels. Kernel revisions (new drivers) added to handle hardware that is newer than mine don’t affect me.

Perhaps someone else can chime in, but I believe that kernels installed from Ubuntu’s mainline ppa, as it seems you did, are not supported via normal upgrade channels. I.e., fixes to these mainline ppa kernels are incorporated in new kernels made available at the mainline ppa that users can download and install if they want the fixes. If you don’t have issues with your current mainline kernel, I’d leave well enough alone.

Last weak I have 1 kernel panic here. The number is much reduced but not completely. There might be installed so that it is gone altogether a new kernel?