keyboard layout switching disappeared

[font=Times New Roman]Dear friends,

until yesterday, everything worked well. Then, suddenly, I am no longer able to switch keyboard layouts (between English and Arabic). The settings are still correct, but the language indicator on the panel disappeared. I disabled switching, rebooted and re-enabled it. The settings are holding, but the language indicator on the panel has not returned and switching does not actually work. So, I am stuck with the Latin alphabet. But I do need to use the Arabic alphabet, occasionally.

I am not overly familiar with the workings under the bonnet.

Any ideas, please?[/font]

Do you see the current layout language in your task bar ? and if you see it try to click on it to change the layout to Arabic. if it works then i guess you have the two layouts Arabic and English , but you did not assign keys to change layout

Thank you for your response. That’s what I meant by ‘disappeared’. The language is no longer shown in the task bar (where it was until yesterday), so there is nothing that I can click. And the keys that I assigned to changing the layout have no effect.

this is my current layout setting , i guess you should have the same ?

Yes, indeed. Exactly the same.