Kicker 13.12 RC

So first install on a laptop, on a defined partition.
Dualcore T4500 (2.3 GHz) 4Gio RAM
Nvidia Geforce 9500
Sound card Nvidia
BisonCam NB Pro.

All devices detected and functionnal.(network, wifi, sound, screen) Printer and scanner correctly detected.
Apparently PulseAudio is back.
Installation in french. All language packages installed and correctly configured.

Look and feel :
Gnome3 decoration, eclipse theme lead to a clean and simple interface.

Homerun Kicker, is simple, well conceived and designed.
However some instabilities are revealed. Right click to organize favorite menu lead from time to time to leave the interface. If you want to organize or modifie applications you have to come back to (and install) the default launcher of KDE. Some menus (and sub menus) of Kicker remain untranslated (Power/Session) Recent Applications.

Theses are only minor remarks which do not prevent of a easy use of Netrunner 13.12 which is for me the more confortable installation of a linux distribution I ever performed.

Very good job.



Thanks for the feedback!
Can you describe the Kicker problem more in detail or use kazam to make a screencast?

I succeeded in getting a short video. How do you wish I procceed to send it to you ?

We have added the right-click option to edit menu entries with kmenu-editor to kicker menu, so it will be in the final release. So I think the video is not really needed anymore?

[quote=“starbuck, post:4, topic:1840”]
We have added the right-click option to edit menu entries with kmenu-editor to kicker menu, so it will be in the final release. [/quote]

So it will be really useful and I hope eliminate this bug.

Could you explain this part in more detail? :slight_smile:

Ok have a look here :

A right-click on Muon package manager.


thanks for posting the video. Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the bug here. Could you please try to crash again via Kicker and post the backtrace from the crash dialog?

I was just about to post on this, but I’m happy it will be fixed in the final release, I download some of the apps zipped therefore have to add them to menu manually. Thanks :):heart:

Kicker menu, does not display sub-menu items. So if you are using it in netrunner 13.06, you will have a long list of applications in the menu Applications. The easy solution I found is to move the submenus (Office, Multimedia and so on…) down to the list. So they are now new menu items and kicker now exhibit an alphabetical list of menu including a limited number of applications. To do so you have to use the classical launcher.


Moving items and or edit items can directly be done with kmenuedit (you can execute with ALT+F2) so you don’t nned particular add the classic menu for this.

Thanks leszek, it becomes more easy.

Kicker menu does not show Kmail. So I went to Synaptic to install Kmail and found that it is already installed. Type in Kmail in the search box on the menu and it doesn’t come up. Type Kmail in a terminal and Kmail opens! Back to the menu, right click and select Edit Applications. I’m in the middle of adding Kmail but then I see it is already on the list in the editing menu. There are a lot of items on that list that are not showing up in Kicker. Either Kicker is useless, or I don’t know how to use it. I want Kmail on there, but I also use the menu to explore my new system and see what I’ve got! The menu should show me everything.


Not really new, right click on kicker icon, edit applications; then you will find the kmail entry in internet menu. You have just to unselect the hidden entry box.


I thank you very much!