Kontact Data removal to start over [Solved]

Well I finally broke Kontact, do not like it compared to the kde 3 version. In trying to restore my previous kmail, I have managed to create to local folders which has the system broken. How do I get rid of the second unneeded local folder, or how do I remove all kmail data to start over? Thanks for your help.

You could remove the ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail folder. The .kde folder is hidden in your home folder so make sure to show hidden files in the filemanager.

The .kde/share/apps/kmail2 folder is empty. Have also removed the .local akondai folder with no joy.

Can you delete the folder from ~/.local/share/local-mail ?

Thank you for all your help. I found this web linkKmail Questions and Answers
I found the answer under Kmail2 /clean start after failed migration. I followed the proceedures and had a clean kmail on restart. Only anomoly was that outgoing mail server info was still in place.

Thanks so much for your help.