Ksnapshot removed replaced with Spectacle Assign Keys [Solved]

Weird had one update for Flash. When I hit prtscrn to invoke ksnapshot.
The browser launches with Firefox can’t find the server at www.ksnapshot.com.

At the end it uninstalled signon & kdeapps-ksnapshot.
reinstalled signon but didn’t re-install ksnapshot?

Octopi doesn’t show on ksnapshot search?

I’m flabbergasted :s

Seems they snuck in a replacement called Spectacle that use more desktop space in wider wasteful real estate.
And does not invoke for me when I pres thePrntScrn button. Instead firefox opens with error above.

Yes, ksnapshot is no more, this was dropped upstream from the KDE Applications 15.12 release altogether, and replaced with spectacle. As a result, kdeapps-ksnapshot was dropped from the Manjaro repositories since this is no longer available from the KDE applications 15.12 sources. Unfortunately, the khotkey setting for prt sc button does not get changed automatically. You can either edit /config/khotkeysrc by hand and replace ksnapshot with spectacle, or go into System Settings > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts and change it there.

Yep would think they would check something like that since it’s a replacement.
Rebooting now when I hit PrtScrn still invokes Firefox so some weirdness there still.

Weird tho is no mention of it in the updating process just flash listed to be installed.
Found out at the end by chance seeing it stated at the very end.

Once you load specticale the first time, this setting should modify itself automatically for the new format.

Assign the key to start screenshot tool for Spectacle.
Don’t know why they have start and take full screen. As starting it does full screen anyways.

Seems the Spectacle dev had other ideas for key assignments then the ksnapshot defaults.

So now all is well I guess. Tho not liking the big rectangle box affair seems wasted space.
As ksnapshot had a mini playing card shape that popped up and fit between the browser & dolphin.
Spectacle has a hard coded width unadjustable. Takes up 2x the space of ksnapshot.

Because, shft+prt sc will just take the screen shot and save it using the defaults with no dialog box, same goes for meta+ prt sc.

Now, to me the new design seems like they are trying to be accommodating to the more hard of sight users.

Well changed the thread subject and marked solved.
I like to invoke program. As real bad remembering key combos.

You remember about my Defective Neural Gel Pack Right? :-/

Great timing as this was next on my list of things to fix (on fairly fresh install of 15.11).

My PrintScreen key didn’t start firefox, but just did nothing.

The PrintScreen key was assigned under “Preset Actions” to open ksnapshot so I removed that and assigned the “Start Screenshot Tool” to the printscreen key trigger.

The shift-PrintScreen auto-saving is kinda neat, I think.