Ksystemlog problem

Started KsystemLog but get an error. Same for Authentication and Daemon logs.
Kernel & Xorg are the only ones that work. And Details grayed out.

Known issues? Thanks!

So you figured this out did ya. LOL
This might actually be the reason why that that tool was removed from Plasma 5.
Darn KDE for not including a systemd journal reading tool instead. :smiley:

Maybe this will work, I’ll have to try it out.

Yep just figuring it out as never used before. And was another thread about crashing Ksyslog that got me checking it out. Thanks for the links. And yep agree their should be a gui based systemd tool available. Which there is with kcmsystemd in Yaourt.

OK, not exactly what I expected but it is a very nice utility.
It does however show that journald is forwarding logs to the syslog daemon, which by the way unless I’m missing something doesn’t seem to be installed by default:

You mean kcmsystemd in Yaourt as not in regular repo’s?

No, what I meant by that sentence is that the syslog daemon doesn’t seem to be installed by default.

I must say I did install kcmsystemd from the AUR and it is a really nice utility, you can control a lot from within it.

Here are some screen shots of each tab:

Hmmm I see but isn’t that something that is basic and should be installed by default?

No not really, It used to be when everything on the system was done separately but now that we have systemd, logind, journald, etc. all working together and talking to each other in parallel there really is no need for separate system logs anymore as the journal is already easily accessible, very secure and easy enough to read when needed.