Kubuntu instead of Netrunner after installation

Hello everyone,
I just installed the last Netrunner on my laptop, and there is something wrong after the installation : it hasn’t the look of Netrunner but the one of Kubuntu.
All the theme is Oxygen, from the controls style to the window decoration.
The GUI tweaks I tested on the live cd aren’t there anymore : reducing all applications with the low right corner is disabled, the background is Kubuntu’s default, and I can’t control the font size at all (too big on the live CD, but now that it’s not well installed, there’s no harmony between GTK and QT apps.
Why is there that problem? How to solve it?

I think something went wrong with you installation. Have you checked to download or grep 3rd party stuff from the net ?
If you do please disable them and try installing again.

Hello leszek, I’m writing to you because I’m facing the same issue. (kubuntu-default wallpaper, ungly grub, no custom app-menu, etc.) First of all, the installer has no ‘get updates from the net’-checkbox, even after clicking ‘update the installer’ (which seemed to do nothing, besides a 2 seconds-hangup). I did turn off the wifi when it began installing the system itself to hard disk, but that made no difference either.

I’ve checked the m5sum and it’s correct, tried reinstalling about 4 times, still no success. What am I doing wrong? :open_mouth:
I’m rocking a whopping samsung RV-507 by the way, dual-booting with windows 7.

I hope you can help me, the liveDVD is nice, but I would really like to try the actual distro :smiley: