Kubuntu VS Manjaro Versions... What To Choose?

Hi, I’ve been running the Kubuntu flavor for sometime now… but have had misc issues with it.

I am wondering what the difference is between the two flavors of Netrunner?

What would make me run one over the other?

I don’t know anything about Manjaro, as I have been a Debian fan for years now, but if there is
a reason that I should take the time to install and learn the Manjaro flavor over the Kubuntu
version… please share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance for any insight!~

The basic difference is that the kubuntu based version is a stable version (means Xorg-Stack aswell as major kernel updates and software updates are not performed withing the release) and the manjaro based version is a rolling release getting constantly new stable software (means upgrading to the newest stable and tested [by the manjaro devs] software like Xorg-Stack, major kernel versions and software updates)

From this setup seen the kubuntu based version is the more user/beginner friendly version for people that don’t want to mess so much with their systems and only update not so frequently.
The manjaro based system due to its rolling release model and sometimes also updates to new major versions might break stuff (the percentage to get regressions is potentially higher than with the kubuntu version) is more for advanced users that want to have the latest and greatest but tested software with the ability to use the Arch User Repository (AUR) which allows you to auto-compile newest software (which isn’t tested by the manjaro devs but the community).
The manjaro based version can be and should be upgraded regulary to not run into much problems later on. Normally you only install the version once and constantly upgrade the system in contrast to the kubuntu based version which needs an upgrade script to upgrade from one major version to another one. (sometimes also with the advice to reinstall)

I think this is a short introduction into both comparing the things that stand most out in my opinion.
Of course others might have other experiences and views on the stuff aswell.

Thanks for the explanation. I am a bit advanced as I have learned things over the last couple of years… but for me… I have better things to do than waste precious life’s time working on my OS so I can then accomplish things.

I mean, if working on an OS was my calling and I enjoyed it… then that would be cool for me. But My life’s passions are Not working on the OS, but utilizing the OS to get the things done that ARE my passion!!

Thanks again!