LiberOffice startup Problem

Hi: I am running Netrunner-Rolling on a HP Pavilion g7 Netbook. Specs are Two core AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon HD Graphics and 3.3 GIB of Ram. I am having a problem with LiberOffice not starting up. When I start using a terminal window I get no error messages. The LiberOffice Green and White splash sscreen appears and the progress bar fills from left to right , Window frame draws with the title bar and the three window control buttons. The window shows whaat ever is behind it on screen, it never completes drawing. I had no problem with Liber Office in the Non rolling release of Netrunner. Can someone help me trouble shoot and fix? Thanks you very much.

If you are useing libreoffice-kde4, uninstall this package. LO works fine without this.

Thank you very much for the tip. I removed the liberoffice-kde4 package and nonw everything is working normally. Thanks very much.

Interesting. libreoffice-kde4 is a “Plug-in for LibreOffice that enables integration into the KDE4 desktop environment”. What is it trying to “integrate”?

Not sure just know that on my system it brings it to a near stop and it was pointed out to me in a Netrunner forum as the problem, remove from sytem and libreOffice just works, leave it in the system and it seems to break or brings libreoffice to a crawl.

Interesting. We will evaluate that for the next snapshot, so thanks for reporting!

As far as I know upstream libreoffice only supports kde3. So its official kde integration is only for kde3 not 4. They had however a kde4 integration but that never really worked.

If someone really wants a good KDE SC integrated Office package there is always Calligra.