Linux Problems?

Hello all, long message but hope you read it. Have an older computer that came with windows 7 on it. Looking to get away from this I installed Ubuntu 12 on it and was very happy. Also installed a version of Mint that never worked (off a mag disk) so I used ubuntu until the new “upgrade” to 14. Computer locked up at the sign in screen and won’t move. So I had a copy of Netrunner on the same mint disk and installed it. Absolutely love it, but it too freezes occasionally. So far I can reboot and go about my business but it is a pain. Hate to say this but my windows is the most stable thing I have now, but I won’t go back. This is so quick love it Thanks people. John

What is the make and model of the computer?
If you installed Netrunner Standard Edition (Ubuntu/Debian) you should post in that part of the forum.

Computer is an E machines wally world special. ET1831-05. Sorry if post is in wrong spot.

Windows isn’t freezing occasionally, as well? Have you added ram to it or does it still have the original 3 gig’s in it?
I found a few post’s online about that model freezing up in windows as well as Linux.
It might be bad ram, run memtest from the live iso.

No, I can’t say it has done it with windows yet, though I try not to use that system. It’s just too bloated. Am a little computer illiterate and maybe too old to learn at this point, but will try this. Thanks, John