Live session crashes

I would like to install 13.06 x64 but most of the things I have tried during a live session result in a crash. This takes the form of a momentary freeze followed by my monitor displaying a Venetian blind effect. :slight_smile: It is also not consistent. Once for instance I was able to open Thunderbird and configure an account but on installing the Firetray extension the system crashed on restarting the program. On another instance the crash happened as soon as I clicked to launch Thunderbird. Nothing I do brings back the desktop so each time I’ve had to reboot the DVD into a new live session. Have also tried using a USB live session but the results are the same. The same happened trying to launch Firefox and also when changing the system font preferences. Is this likely to go away if I make a full install, or is there some sort of driver/hardware incompatibility?

This desktop has ASRock + AMD Athlon X2 270, NVIDIA GeForce C61 7025 and 4G.

Please check if you have the correct ISO. So please check the md5sum of the ISO and maybe an integrity test of the ISO could help (see bootoptions)

if you can try 32bit version its really cool ! also I guess you may find some apps not supported yet in 64bit or causing errors , 32bit is better i am using it on my 64bit laptop :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions. Everything checked out with the x64 file. Just downloaded the 32 bit version and same thing. As soon as I click to launch Firefox it cycles momentarily then the desktop freezes before giving me a window blind effect monitor. There must be some sort of hardware incompatibility with my system so I’ll have to give up. Weird because the previous version worked fine.

It could be the Firefox hardware acceleration detecting your graphicscard wrong. Does this problem only occur with Firefox? Does Konqueror work for you?

No, it happened with Thunderbird and also when I was changing the system font sizes. Strange thing is it doesn’t always happen at the same point during an operation after I have instigated a new live session because I have tried to repeat it. Firefox launched once for instance and then crashed the system immediately on clicking the icon for the next three live sessions.

Could be the kernel, so when you would install it on hdd, you could update to a newer kernel to see if it solves the issues.

Thanks starbuck but that means removing what I have on here already and then if it doesn’t work I’m stuck.