lm_sensors/temperatures ?

I love Netrunner so I just installed to dual boot with Windows on my desktop.
sensors output gives readings for 3 cores. Perfect!

On the laptop sensors gives me this output.
Adapter: PCI adapter
temp1: +48.4°C (high = +70.0°C)
(crit = +115.5°C, hyst = +110.5°C)

Something must be amiss. CPU is AMD Athlon™ II P320 Dual-Core Processor

I am paranoid of temps. I was getting shutdowns in Windows. I took it apart, cleaned it,
re-applied thermal paste and put it back together again. Not an easy feat, you would have been
very entertained watching on a hidden camera. :angel:

It has been freezing on me today watching/listening to youtube, browsing 5 or 6 tabs.
Any suggestions welcome.

Normally when it overheats it should turn itself off and not freeze. If you think it’s hardware related it’s most probably the ram.

ok. i will remove it and re-seat it again.

is there a way to make the temp guage work or should i not worry about it?
which will stink.

I dont’ see any problem with thetemp being around 50C

The thermal design of that CPU is 95°C before it will shut down, it think you should be fine.

95°C Holy Awesome
Thank you!
I was obviously not looking in the right place.

Yep I run Amd dual-core desktop that high as normal idle during hotter summer. As internal temps are directly related to ambient temp when using default or passive cooling.

The thing to check is how hot it gets when not idle. Encoding video or play games or running a stress test.
If it stays below 70c for me I’m good.