Login w/o any password

I might add to my post, that I have installed the Virtualbox on these two computers that I can login without any password. I have checked all the boxes in the Kuser, including the Virtualbox, in order to activate the USB. I went ahead and unchecked all the boxes in the Kuser, except for the virtual box and restarted the computer. Now the problem is fixed, and need a password to login.

How ever the USB is not functional. My next step was to check more boxes in the Kuser to see if I can make the USB to work in the Virtualbox, but now when I try to launch Kuser, it just makes a noise, and nothing shows up at all (like the Kuser doesn’t even exist). I can’t figure out what’s going on? Any help on this is appreciated.
Adding to my post

I discovered what went wrong. I had checked the no login box in the Kuser by mistake. I fixed my laptop with this, but now my desktop is messed up.

On my desktop not only I can’t launch the Kuser, I no longer can even open the Synaptic manager.
I was able to enter this code in the terminal, and finally launch the Kuser.
/usr/bin/kuser –icon kuser -caption KUser
Then, I get this error message.
“Error opening /etc/shadow for reading”.
Then Kuser launches, but can’t do anything or save any settings. It gives me a series of error messages:
“Cannot open the /etc/passwd.bak for writing. I click ok and get the following error message.
“Can not create backup file for /etc/passwd.
Therefore I can’t edit anything in the Kuser, nor I can launch the Synaptic.
I hope I don’t have to reformat the hard drive again!

I guess messing with groups created this error. Throwing you out of the group that allows writing to /etc/shadow.
Try executing kuser as root user with sudo (if that still works for you)
If sudo does not work for you then you could try the chroot trick from a live system to add your user back to the admin group.

Yes that totally messed it up. I ended up reformatting and reinstalled the Rolling version, to see how that goes.