manjaro 0.8.10 is out

hi guys, according to this link , manjaro 0.8.10 is out, is the latest netrunner rolling going to based on this release? keep up the amazing work dev’s, mitch

Netrunner rolling is based on Manjaro and follows their updates. The Manjaro Release ISO’s are just snapshots of the stable repositories at the time of release, the Next Netrunner Rolling ISO will follow the same paradigm and be based on whatever versions are in the repositories at that time. The point of a rolling release is to install once and update forever, as long as you continue to update your system regularly (at least every two weeks) you will always be at the latest Manjaro version (as of writing this 0.8.10). Just type this in a terminal to view what version your base system is at: lsb_release -a

PS. I post all the update-pack notifications and any special instructions for them here in this forum to keep the Netrunner Rolling users informed. For new users I would also recommend installing octopi-notifier on their system to help stay updated as well.

One of the things that I have noticed with Manjaro KDE is that you do not get, with the install once and update forever process, the new artwork; the themes, fonts, icons, etc that have changed since the original installation. For example my background and icons are the same ones that I had with the original installation, not the updated ones from the latest 0.8.10 release.

Is there a way to keep up to date with the new look without loosing the customization one has done on their own? Or will Netrunner be different in this update process from Manjaro?

This is a conceptional decision here.
An artwork package update will update the artwork but will not overwrite the users settings.
Lets imagine a user has configured his/her perfect desktop styling and our update would destroy that with an artwork package update. This would be very very bad.

So new artwork packages are installed and located usually in /etc/skel and /usr/share/netrunner-default-settings

As far as backgrounds are concerned, once the artwork package is installed (netrunnerarch-artwork) they will show up under desktop settings, etc., you’ll just need to change them yourself.

PS, Like Leszek said, for a package to change your settings on you would be very bad. I know that for myself I do not keep the default look and feel of any system, I always change my background images, panels, etc. to suit my workflow, and to personalize my desktop with pictures of my son, etc. I would be VERY upset if I had to go through all that setup again just because of some update.

Makes sense. I know I would not like my focus settings or dolphin service menus changed on me.

On the other hand it would be great to have a systems settings module where one could selectively opt-in for things like new default backgrounds, icon sets, fonts, plasmoids, etc., to stay current with the latest Netrunner look and feel.

Even just a list of changes in default settings and configuration would be great.

In any event, all minor stuff. Netrunner Rolling is simply the finest distribution I have ever used.