Manjaro KDE 0.9.0-pre4

I asked in the Manjaro KDE 0.9.0-pre4 thread if the iso is available as a torrent.
I have intermittent Wifi that leads to issues for long downloads in browser. Don’t know why but if I lose connection download a youtube video or somewhere else then all I have to do is reset wifi and re-connect and downloads continue.

But on Manjaro site it goes for awhile and if download stalls for any reason then it just closes session and am left with a 200 something mb file that is incomplete. Tried twice now with same issue.

Always relied on alternate torrent links as doesn’t matter. Can start and stop whenever and still complete.

Any solutions or help is appreciated.


I answered this question on the Manjaro forum for you:

Thanks! a Bunch! Your the Best! :slight_smile: