manual upgrade from 12.12.1 to 13.06 ?

Hello !
I really appreciated features, speed and stability of Netrunner; i think that NR is more faster and reactive compared with other distros Debian based and strengh is a perfect Kde integration ; i like most of particular packages (except Muon , but not depend from NR :P)
However i was wondering Is there a way for upgrade from 12.12.1 to 13.06 avoiding image downloading
I’ve tryed to upgrade from synaptic and by command line (sudo update, dist-upgrade , but outcome was only updates packages :slight_smile:
As you know would be very important to have this function… if not know, do you think will be possible to have it from next distribution?

Thanks in advance and compliments for your work

Hi fafa77,

yes, we had this function to update from 4.2 -> 12.12 last version.
From 12.12 -> 13.06 is more tricky, but we are working on it, though it can take some time before we have a working script that we can post, as we changed several things under the hood for 13.06 (new desktop-containment, new repositories manager, etc.).
Expect a solution at the end of the month.

I’m considering migration for working computer on Netrunner, but worried about future distro update.( Because fresh install require a lot of configuration work and not only for this machine, for ex. ssh public keys should be updated). Do you have plans for smooth upgrade to up version in the future?

I agree with Slimy,
Despite for my opinion now NR is the best solution if you want a distro debian-based with KDE. would be fundamental to have something that will permit to update in a simple way (but i think developers knows importance of this):slight_smile:

Any word or this upgrade script or should we just use sudo do-release-upgrade?

sudo do-release-upgrade[/quote]
I would not recommend that. It will eventually break things. Just be a little more patient please.

[quote=“leszek, post:6, topic:1122”]

Will do, thanks. I’ll keep my eye on this thread.

I know that it will be done when it’s done, but I still very interesting in upgrade. Are there any news?

Any updates?

any news? solution will be at the end of which month? :stuck_out_tongue: ; in meantime i think i will reinstall new version by zero, i can’t wait :slight_smile:

Here is the upgrade script you are all waiting for.
Sorry for the delay the KDE SC 4.11 update which came in a few weeks ago made the original one not working anymore so we needed a little extra time to test and fix the upgrade script.

  1. Please use this at your own risk and make sure to make a backup of your personal data first before attempting the upgrade. (Especially if you have some third party repositories activated)

  2. To perform the upgrade, you need to first download the script from here

  3. To run the upgrade script rename it and make it executable via the terminal (yakuake or konsole) by typing in

chmod +x
sudo ./

The upgrade script needs some time to download and install all upgrades. As many applications will be upgraded make sure to have almost all of your applications close and only your desktop running.
If the upgrade process ends with an error regarding kubuntu-settings-desktop please rerun the script to successfully finish the upgrade process.


Thanks a lot!, it perfectly worked!,
after script execution was missing some dependence (after reboot request), i think is normal, —>fixed with sudo apt-get install -f : however after reboot i have enigma :slight_smile:
Thanks again!!

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