md5 mismatch [SOLVED]

I’ve downloaded 13.12 with bittorrent, created a bootable usb stick with unetbootin, played with the live session, then tried to install. The installer hung in the “prepare” stage. Rebooted and tried the “check the integrity of the disk” and it said there were two errors. So then it occured to me that I hadn’t checked the md5…:idea: which turned out to not match.
Started this thing at about 7 PM and now it’s 1:30 AM and I’m starting the download from the server this time.

I’ve never had an md5 not match before!

Cynthia Eliason

[color=#000080]Usually there is no problem with the downloads, however sometimes there are imperceptible microcuts that give rise to errors in the downs, so there md5 to compare before running.[/color]

The md5sum for the ISOs on the server are 100% correct and double-checked.
Please compare right after download if they match with yours.

Of course, that would have been the smart thing to do and would have saved me some time and effort. It downloaded perfectly the second time, with no errors, when I downloaded from the server instead of using Bit-Torrent. I’m curious about one thing - since my Bit-Torrent download had errors, will the files seeded from my computer pass on those errors to other users who choose the BitTorrent option? It won’t matter to me, and it seems there must be some kind of protection built into BitTorrent to keep that from happening, but I don’t know much about how the system works.

I guess it does not affect others.

Hi cyneliason,
Early on, I downloaded Linux directly and I always had checksum problems. I hate to say it but I have to think it is sometimes signal quality here because of clouds (sat based). I now use a windows based bittorrent download manager called Vuse and it is free. There may be a good Linux based version that will do this also. Vuse automatically checks download as it is being downloaded. When the download completes, it checks a last time. Any problems with checksums for any part of the download and Vuse will re-download that portion to correct the iso. I burn a quality dvd and let the dvd check itself before install. I have never had another md5 checksum problem again. Most bittorrent clients will not pass on portions of files with a bad checksum (I would assume). I hope this will help in future and good luck to you.

I think you mean Vuze torrent formerly known as Azureus. This torrent client is written in java and therefore also available on linux.
I would however recommend ktorrent as it also supports file checking as almost every torrent client including transmission shipped with netrunner.

Using Vuse, which has some fun graphic progress meters to watch, I’ve just downloaded the 64 bit version as advised in another thread, because the install of the 32 bit version failed (after downloading it again and matching the md5 sum - see another thread about that.) The download took 3 hours or more, I’ve booted the system and am accessing this forum now on a usb stick live session. But before I booted into the system I did the “check integrity” thing again and it said that 2 errors in files were found. I doesn’t say which files or what the errors were, and the session is working okay so far. I’m going to go ahead and see if it will install this time. I just wonder about the errors, because the md5 matched.


If the md5sum matched then the iso is most probably alright.

The install worked perfectly, I’m here on my new Netrunner system on Thinkpad X200, Windows is history, no dual booting for me!