Menu and Applications editing Bug

For me using latest iso. Running open default drivers opengl 2.0 compositor on a ati 4350 running dual 22" displays.
Don’t know of it’s a kwin,plasma or driver issue?

Right click menu>edit applications. Go to Office sub-menu right-click delete krita in left pane of Office.
Save settings.

Now menu locks no response clicking on it. Clicking on menu nothing.
Right-click on desktop again nothing. System becomes now responsive.
Have to reboot or logout. Is there a clean reset to desktop without the need to log out or reboot?

Update: After another couple of reboots now I can edit menu applications. And seems to be working again. Only difference was a clean desktop. Last times had Firefox & Dolphin open on the desktop. Don’t know what is causing this. But still wonky enough to be annoying.

Also even tho I manually mount my external usb drive E-Data then click on places bookmark Ongoing works.
A few seconds later get a already mount error. I mounted it manually. So clicking on a places folder that is linked there shouldn’t generate an error?

I’m not too sure about the manually mounted drive issue with dolphin. There is an update to dolphin coming in KDE Applications 15.08.2 that fixes a few more bugs. As far as the desktop issue, make sure you have selected Restore previous session or Restore manually saved session under System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Desktop Session > on logon. I also have an updated menu config file that fixes a few issues we’ve found in the one on the ISO, I’m attaching this to my post. Just extract this file to ~/.config/menus.

Thanks I assume you mean /home/.config/menus? for some reason the ~/ comes across my scrambled brains as root.

It does and it doesn’t, if you use this in dolphin it adjust to either / or /home/{User}/ depending on what is after it.
~/bin will give you /bin
~/Desktop will give you /home/{user}/Desktop

However, in a web browser ~ can only look in your home directory, anything that doesn’t exist there will give an error.

PS. If you also want this new menu config file available when creating new users, replace the one under /etc/skel/.config/menus as well.

Some reason put it home/.config/menus. Now missing alternatives for menu selection.

When you say alternatives, do you mean when you right click on the menu?
This one


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