Migrating plasma panels on dual monitors

Hey, I’ve got a mild annoyance: I’ve got my desktop how I like it, with my main panel (launcher, desktop-screen-specific tasks, system tray & clock) on my right monitor’s right edge, and my ancillary panel (desktop-screen-specific tasks only) auto-hiding in the left panel’s bottom edge. Roughly 50% of the time every time I log in things are fine; the other half of the time my two panels will either swap monitors or both migrate to one or the other.

I’d like to have these panels stay put. What should I be looking at, kscreen configs or something else?

Thanks in advance for any insight and/or pointers.

Yep seems some wonkyeeness happening with screen management.

Tho wasn’t with the panels. But last couple of weeks seems to have settled down without issues on my dual 22" setup.

Would try unlocking them. Re-sizing and Re-position them back to the way you want them. Fiddling with them and then re-locking see if that rewrites the configs and updates the panel configs. Other than that sorry can be of no help if they are under the hood bug issues. That are specific bugs to hardware,drivers,etc…

Reading the gambit of issues over at the Manjaro forums. Seems to be everything from Intel drivers or proprietary drivers. To Black screens and panel issues even with default open drivers like I use.

Slew of new fixes in the pipeline and also 5.5 coming up on Dec. 8th.

Ah, right on! I didn’t realize my settings were kept under ~/.config! Found them easily enough and after fiddling with my settings & relocking my panels I cp’ed the config into a backup file. If nothing else I can set a login startup task to overwrite the panel settings from backup. Thanks!