Migration from Kubuntu

Is it possible to update from a Kubuntu 14.04 install to Netrunner 14?

Hi tuxrocket,

none of the customizations will transfer to an already installed Kubuntu system, so it wouldn’t make much sense (imo). Since Netrunner is in essence a highly customized Kubuntu, I recommend a fresh install.

[color=#000080][i]I had installed Kubuntu 14.04 (64) with dual boot (K + W) and I installed Frontier (64) formatting the “/” and leaving the “home” to the same username and password and I keep the customizations that I had in Kubuntu, liked me as combined.

The funny thing is that I installed on another machine as the only OS Frontier (64) and me in Grub Windows 8 appears to be a new album did not have anything installed.

Apart from that it took me customize and creates problems to shutdown, only shows “Close Session”; checked and is properly configured to display the shutdown options, has 3 partitions: A “root” one “home” and a “swat”. If I can not solve’ll have to install Kubuntu or MintKDE by request.[/i][/color]