Missing logs in ksyslogs (solved)

Trying to get webaccounts up and running and after reinstallation it threw an error, which I couldn’t copy and paste off the screen…so I went to ksyslogs to see if I could pick up the error there and it immediately kicked an error that system logss do not xist upon further investigation found out that aaaaaauthentication and daemon logs are missing as well…anyone have a idea how to get this up and running…thanks…

Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) uses systemd/journald, and etc. You’ll need to use journalctl to get logs:

journalctl -b


Ksyslog isn’t systemd compatible, at least not yet.

This might not be usefull for the logs but there is kcmsystemd for working with systemd units in the AUR though.

yaourt -S kcmsystemd


Ah ok…didn’t know that…thanks for the info…got the logs but still can’t grab the error for webaccounts…blah…i’ll start a new thread and just type it out…