Missing User

First let me say - WTF! The website did NOT send a validation code to my email address. But before that I have to image verify AND answer a security question?!? Not a security question for the account because you have to get it right! If it were a security question for the account I could answer “Who is the president” with “your fat mama”. But it is a SECOND verification on account creation. So I have to image verify and answer obama! DAMN!

Why am I so heated. Well I have to come here and create an account just to get help (and I’ve just described the pain in the ass account creation is). Why do I need help? Installed netrunner a couple days ago; started the pc today and quess what I saw at the login screen - “Guest”. I’ve got to log in as guest. The user I created at install is gone. Even better the root password I entered at install isn’t correct any more. I have used netrunner a total of 1.5hrs (including install) and this is the kind of crap I get! What is the default root password?

I understand your frustration, I have had these kinds of problems with many Linux distros. If your HDD or drivers or any hardware is funky it could cause these issues, i had bad ram and did the same a couple years ago. So I have found that trying to fix an issue, with research etc just takes too long. I re-install if i cant figure it out in an hour. Just be sure to use a seperate home partition so you dont lose data. Anyone else have a suggestion ?

[color=#000080][i]For me it is the only distribution with Mint-KDE I have no problems installing it, except at boot Live Netrunner freezes and is a black screen and I have to press several times the ENTER and TAB keys to continue loading and you can install it.

That’s what happened to me with Kubuntu 13.10, Mandriva, Fedora, and others, do not be concerned if the kernel because Netrunner 13.06 and Kubuntu 13.04 does not happen to me.[/i][/color] :huh:

I assume you installed 13.12 RC?
Do you remember your username and password?
Then when at the login screen, press CTRL+ALT+F2 simultanously and try login to the system.
If that fails, there is no other way than to get the ISO released and do a fresh install.