Mute mic button, freezing KDE

Alright, I know it sounds weird but bare with me. My headset, a logitech G930 has two features. A mute button on the side to mute the microphone, and a “cutoff switch” that mutes the microphone whenever the mic boom in placed in the “up” position.

Now, whenever one of these events occurs kde just freezes. I cant move any windows, however I can still type into a terminal that I make with the launch terminal hotkey.

Any ideas on why this is happening? I looked at my Xorg log and didn’t see anything, I can provide other log entries if necessary, I’m not the best at trouble shooting kernel logs.


Hmm… Very strange. Try quitting kmix from the tray and then try that again. Normally the window manager shouldn’t freeze on audio option changes. The only cluprit must be kmix messing around with it