Net Runner is Great and professional.

For those of you who have waded through the array of Linux distro’s and pondered the outcome most come to the conclusion that they all appear to lack something. I have done that and the answer lies with Net Runner KDE. Once installing this distro and taking a good look at the system, you find you are dealing with KDE Professionals. Net Runner is kind and carefully built, and its obvious there is first class support. I run Net Runner with 20,000 music tracks in a (non profit) Community Radio station back up and it hasn’t missed a beat for 4 months 24/7. I use Clementine stripped down to the bare bones, no flashing lights and the system is 100 % reliable.

Gracias por la información, estaba dudando un poco para cambiar mi actual Kubuntu 13.04 64bits por Netrunner 13.06 SE, ahora haré el cambio com más confianza.

I have to agree, I’ve been distro hopping for quite some time but think Netrunner is my last stop. It is the most complete Linux OS that I have ever come across and suites my needs in every facet. I commend the team for doing a great job with this distro and am willing to help out in any way possible to keep this distro up and get the word out.

I am an old fart with very little patients for learning new things at a time when I think it should work. With very (seems to me) personal replies to your problems, from forums, Starbuck in particular, you have all the help you need -if any ever. I have not had much use for the Terminal until Starbuck asked me to do a few things in it instead of Muon. Others help asap too.

Netrunner will be installed on three new PC builds I am doing for the Grandchildren as the primary OS. Three hard drives for one other Linux Distro as well as a Doze on each PC. Doze only because of the schools here.

I already have Netrunner on two here (desktop and laptop) and will install on another laptop here tomorrow. Netrunner is the best looking Distro out there to me and works fine on my PCs. I installed the 13.12-64 bit yesturday without a problem. Stayed up last night to get some of the Ham Radio gear interfaced with the software that is available. I love Netrunner and regret I don’t get to use as often as I like. I am showing others the oportunities of the free software available. These will be multi-boot PCs for the sole purpose of giving an oportunity for learning linux and eventually doing away with the Dozing.

Thank you very much for a fine Netrunner guys.

Thank you for a great OS. I was distro hopping for awhile now… Im greatful I found this little gem.

Agree. At work I run RHEL 6 and Ubuntu LTS but at home… it is – Netrunner! Netrunner is the only KDE distro I am aware of that delivers windows/Mac quality font rendering and look&feel. Great choice of software, the level of integration, polishing and attention to detail is amazing. Netrunner reminds me of late Libranet - a 2-men supported distro which stood out from the crowd because it delivered what people really wanted: polish, stability and functionality. I appload the developers for their effort.

Yeah Any Netrunner fans on tonight? My cards are collecting dust! I can’t find a single player around where I live.

I have been running a custom remastered Xubuntu for the past several years and just discovered Netrunner 13.12. I did not think anyone else could compete with my own remastered system, but Netrunner is fantastic. The look and feel is comfortable without being gaudy and over-done, and the software selection is perfect. I just had to add the HPLIP GUI and K9copy, and this system is perfect. I look forward to the next Netrunner based on the next LTS release so I will not have to worry about upgrading for a couple of years. Thanks.

Hi there,
i’m quiet new to netrunner but i have to say it is really a great distro.
probably 20 years ago i tried slackware with the whole terminal work, which it was. but i gone back for work reasons to windows and later on to Mac OS.
only due to the reason that my HDD crashed and my OS CD was lost i switched over to linux again and i figured out that a lot has changed in the meanwhile.

isstallation is simple… at least as simple as windows. it works with all my hardware, it is faster and for sure more secure. but still on a level that i could not sugest any other “normal user” to switch over to linux.
i used at first Suse, but this was extremly anoing as there has been lots of bugs which need to get fixed in manual way.
than i switched to Mint, where the Desktop looked nice, but has quiet a lot of problems with using QT apps in default Desktop.
So i tried Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Both worked fine without trouble, but Ubuntu was to different from Windows to sugest Windows user to swith to it and the look and feel of Kubuntu was to booring for me to use it. i like more customized Desktops.

Over a few weeks and months i hopped from distro to distro. Some others are as good as Netrunner for new users, other just for experienced ones.
But than i jumped over here… And right now think there is no reason to jump again.
For new users it is simple to use, for more experienced it has as well quiet good options to customize everything.
So i wood say easy to use, hard to master :slight_smile:

Some minor isses i had with the installation, as i wanted to try first the live enviroment, and it would not run straight out of the Box on my Macbook. On Windows Desktop and Notebook it worked really good.
So i started to fiddle a bit arround and without to hard work it run as well on my machine.

Default software packaging is extrem good. As it is based on Debian/Ubuntu the additional Software is existing more than anybody can use in the whole lifetime.

Even if i use it just since around a week, My Parents and my wife swithed as well. And even the childs are happy, as they as well can play most of there usual games due to Wine and Steam. In the past they never wanted to use my Computer. “Oh no, there we can not play our games”.
Unfortunately they figured out the can right now… Is this a good way or more bad luck for me? I’m not to sure :smiley:

As a result i have to say extrem good Distribution for nearly everybody. I do only hope that one day it may swith over to a Base system with a rolling Release. And as i had already several times problems with hanging Muon Discovery and Packagemanagement i would be happy if this gets more stable. Till now i had to fix till now already 2 or 3 times trouble with it via dpkg or apt-get via terminal. Hopefully i never have to explain this to my father via phone :stuck_out_tongue:

overall thank you very much from Germany
Doc Duempel

Hallo Doc Duempel,:wink:
schön, dass dir Netrunner ebenfalls gut gefällt. Zudem sind wir hier jetzt schon mal mindestens 3 deutschsprachige User. Vielleicht bekommen wir ja einen deutschsprachigen Bereich hier im Forum, spanisch gibt es ja auch schon.:angel:

Weiterhin viel Spaß hier.:smiley:

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