I was able to get Netflix desktop up and running on the standard 32bit installation, is this possible on the 64bit Rolling release?


I set it up on my 64-bit laptop and it runs well.

Isn’t better to install pipelight from AUR and use Netflix in browsers?

I tried Pipelight but could never get it to work on 6 different distros. The “” compilation from AUR is the only one I’ve ever had success with.

Did you create mozilla-plugins and install agent switcher? It doesn’t want work in Chrome usualy.

Yes I did. Movies/shows on Netflix start to load, but they quit at either 20% or 50% and I get an error message. I looked through the pipelight FAQ and forum posts on the subject, followed all the advice about agent switcher, but no luck. Only with Manjaro/Netrunner Rolling have I been able to get Netflix desktop to work. Rendering is a little rough, but it’s better than nothing!

Thanks. I wasn’t prepared for what a long process it would be. I kept thinking something was going wrong. But after about an hour and a half, I had Netflix and it’s working. Except for an occasional drag on the picture, working fine. Thanks again.

It’s true – Arch and Gentoo based systems often compile software directly from source, instead of giving us pre-compiled packages. Anything that uses Silverlight/Pipelight, for instance, takes forever to update – I just leave my machine on overnight, then give it a password first thing in the morning so the installation can finish. One nice thing about compiling from source is that the software is then customized for each individual system, which means it’s more likely to work as intended.

I’ve also experienced a little bit of distortion with this Netflix application, but it’s definitely not bad enough to warrant going into my MS partition…:cool:

Um. no that is not true, Arch gives the user binary packages only, anything that needs to be compiled from source would have come from the AUR (Arch User Repository) while a convenience, anything installed from there is not an officially supported package. The AUR contains PKGBUILD files only, these files contains instructions on how to find either a binary package (deb, rpm, etc,) or a source code site (git, svn, etc.) and instructions on how to build/convert and install the package desired.

Now, with that said Manjaro (in which Netrunner Rolling is based) maintain their own repositories and do not point to the Arch official ones, they do however pull from them daily to their unstable branch, where some packages are patched and then sent to testing, after approx. 2 - 3 weeks they will move to stable, as long as there isn’t any show stopper bugs. Netrunner is also maintaining their own blueshell repository for a few of their own packages, it couldn’t hurt to ask if either the Manjaro or Netrunner teams would build and maintain these for us.

Thanks for the clarification, AJ. I should’ve specified AUR rather than Arch. Since I’ve only used Manjaro and now Netrunner Rolling (rather than Arch alone), all my Arch repository experience has been through the AUR.

Not a problem, I just didn’t want anyone new to NetRunner Rolling / Manjaro to think that the system needed to compile everything, that’s all. I think of this way, Manjaro is to Arch as Ubuntu is to Debian, only rolling and without the upstream incompatibilities.

Go well brother.