Netrunner 13.06

Omg! I finally found distro I’ve been looking for a year now!

It’s awesome and sexy!

Won’t say anything about style and look of Netrunner. It’s the most beautiful KDE I ever seen.

Both Qt and GTK apps look the same… The same AWESOME!

It’s based on Kubuntu so has a perfect (as it’s possible in Linux) hardware support.

I installed Microsoft Office (need Word and Excel for work) in CrossOver and really, really happy! :slight_smile:
Google Chrome for internal Flash (11.7), not the last updated by Adobe few years ago flashplugin.

Everything works like a clock (russian proverb, not sure it means the same in English).

Life is good with Netrunner :slight_smile:

It’s a shame that such an awesome distro doesn’t have much publicity!

Folks, can anyone tell me about this community? How Blue Systems involved in Netrunner?

[size=x-small]P.S. If you want to connect your Android device through Dolphin (Network - MTP devices) you have to turn on USB debugging in your Android.[/size]

Netrunner 13.06 is just a fantastic distro. I’ve never run Netrunner before, and I’m highly impressed. Keep on your excellent work, please.
Thank you very much.

Starbuck is creator of Netrunner and also founder of Blue Systems :wink: