Netrunner 14 rc1 Grub issue

I must say that Netrunner 14 rc1 runs great from my usb stick and I just love all its built in features. But, the problem occurs when I try to install it to my HP Envy I-Core 7. It doesn’t matter if the bio legacy is enabled or disabled and it doesn’t matter if the UEFI is enabled or disable, the same problem occurs even though I have tried every combination possible. At startup, I always get a grub ^ prompt with minimal commands. Any help to fix the grub install would be very much appreciated.

Maybe Boot-Repair is the solution.

I used it on a Toshiba Laptop with Linux Mint and it was very helpful.

Could you please post the exact model number of HP Envy laptop that you have?

It’s a 17" HP Envy M7-j020dx. Thanks :angel:

Thank you for the suggestion. Will be performing a backup and try another fresh install along with the boot cleaner in a day or two. :wink:

Try resetting your bios to factory default.
My reference:

PS. You might also check the HP website for a bios update.

I am in the same situation:

HP Pavillion TS 11 Notebook PC

Are you using 64bit version?

yes i am using x64 version

Thank you everyone for your help. My issue which was caused by a bad ISO created with a program called Rufus. The problem was solved by creating a bootable disk through USB Image Writer. Now Netrunner is good to go and working perfectly.

I’ve only had really had the best luck using utilities that put the ISO image on USB sticks in their original format, like dd or imagewriter, etc.

Confirmed, also for Final Netrunner 14 ISO.
So I’ll recommend “image writer” from now on as first choice for all UEFI enabled systems, will add a small tutorial for it also.

I will give it a go later and see what happens.

I used Imagewriter and it worked fine this time. Very weird how th install works fine with one program and the other program it installs ok but wont boot

I suppose that imagewriter copies all the files correctly from the ISO. The other application used not.

do you have a link for linux version of image writer