Netrunner 14 Speed Question

This is not a support question, just an observation.
I have multiple desktops installed including Kubuntu 14.04.2.
But whenever I use Netrunner which is based on Kubuntu, I notice a definite increase in speed.
By that I mean the desktop is snappier, apps open quicker etc…
Despite changing all of Kubuntus settings to match Netrunner, this is still the case.
Why is this? What do the devs of Netrunner do that apparently Kubuntu doesn’t?

Netrunner uses a preload script as well as zramswap and other tiny optimizations to speed things up.

You may want to experiment with the animation speed in Kubuntu 14.04 to see if this helps. Goto: Settings, Workspace Behavior, Desktop Effects–from there you can adjust the animation speed. You may find this makes it a bit snapper.

Thanks for your replies.
dbyentzen… I already changed Kubuntu effects settings to match Netrunner, but the difference is still noticeable.
AJSlye… I didn’t know that. Whatever they have done works for me. Although I like to chop & change, Netrunner at the moment is my O/S of choice.