Netrunner 15 (Prometheus)

Yep searched manjaro for Netrunner 15 (Prometheus) and release schedule seems to indicate 1/2015.
Was wondering when Netrunner 15 (Prometheus) rolling will be released? Not impatient just was wondering how and when it’s coming kind of thing. Even a sometime in Feb or Mar. ? Would be fine as trying to plan ahead.

Also about separate /Home. Does clean install of just root leaving /home untouched on a clean install work out well?
Will it be doable for KDE Plasma 5?

Again thanks to you and the manjaro team for their great works!

Netrunner 15 (Prometheus) is the code name for their next release of the Standard Edition based on Kubuntu.
The Netrunner Rolling Edition has nothing to do with these releases. Your confusing these two separate projects.

Netrunner Rolling being based on Manjaro has already been updated through regular updates to the latest current Manjaro System 0.8.12 RC1. Once installed, the entire system just keeps receiving updates to all the installed packages, you never need to re-install the OS again, hence the term rolling.

Then when do we Roll into 5?

5 what, do you mean 15? Then the answer is a WE don’t.

These two editions have nothing to do with each others release schedules.

Netrunner 15 (Prometheus) - based on Kubuntu and trails their releases.

Netrunner Rolling - based on Manjaro and rolls along with it.

Here’s where you will find both editions separate release schedules:

Sorry not understanding just trying to find out when Netrunner Rolling moves to KDE Plasma 5 desktop is all. As the release schedule for Rolling only shows what has been already released. And no info on whats to come.


Well, Arch is the base for Manjaro and they seem to have added plasma 5 the 25th of Jan (as of edit, the day that was 17 minutes ago) to the Extra repos. So since we are downstream from that, sometime later…

Also plasma 5 conflicts with kdebase-workspace the way Arch has it set up now, so there would need to be a slight rework (or work around?) for us to have it pushed as the ‘main’ version of KDE.

New hotness can seem flashy, but stable rolling release system is WAY preferred imho.


Anex on the Manjaro team is working on Plasma 5 now. At this time the Manjaro Plasma 5 0.9.0-pre1 ISO is using both the Manjaro Unstable repository as well as a separate Plasma 5 repository he set up for testing newer, or missing packages than those coming from upstream Arch.

At this point we are still testing Plasma 5, it’s scheduled to hit the Stable repositories by the time the 0.9.0 snapshot release ISO’s are made available. At that time Manjaro will continue to provide both KDE SC Plasma 4 as well as KF5/Plasma 5 and associated application versions for both available in the repositories.

If you wish to help us test and report bugs please visit this forum thread for more information:;topicseen

Thanks for the heads up and info.


Your welcome sir.

I did forgot to mention that Anex has been building the frameworks versions of Dolphin, Konqurer, Kate, etc. as well as the new akonadi personal information suite (Knotact/Kmail2, Blogillo, Akregator, etc.), instead of just using the KDE SC 4 versions by default. QT4 was patched upstream to allow QT4 based apps to appear in the system tray and he has included libappindicator-gtk2/3/sharp for apps based on those libraries to also appear in the system tray, like dropbox, skype, etc. There is also a few of us testing out muon-frameworks plus apstream-git from the AUR, thanks goes out to Antonio Rojas and Fabien Bourigault for developing these programs and maintaining the AUR pkgbuild files for us.